Plantar Pad

Masermin Plantar Pad detail Masermin Plantar Pad

Plantar Pad

The Plantar Pad protects and relieves pain in the forefoot. Ideal for positions in which pressure is exerted on the foot for long periods, rheumatism, algodystrophy and calluses, and for some sports. Silicone distributes the weight of the body throughout the weight-bearing area, and carries out the same function as the natural cushioning in the ball of the foot.

How to use: Place the big toe in the smaller hole and the remaining 4 toes in the larger hole, placing the pad in the appropriate area of the plant.

Advantages: Non-slip and ergonomic. Very comfortable, soft and easy to install. Antiseptic and hypoallergenic. Very hygienic, easily washable.

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  • Papel Ecológico Control de Calidad Producto Biodegradable Conformidad Europea Gel 100%

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