Forefoot Pad

Forefoot Pad Sanator Silicone Forefoot Pad Sanator Silicone

Forefoot Pad

Protects and relieves pain in the forefoot and the tops of the toes caused by rubbing and/or excessive pressure. Helps retain body heat, and may soothe or relieve symptoms in arthritis sufferers. Helps reduce pressure and abrasion to the toes of dancers. This gel, whose viscoelastic and mechanical properties are very similar to those of the skin tissues, distributes the weight of the foot throughout the weight-bearing area, and prevents friction.

How to use: Place the foot inside the pad, with the big toe in the most prominent part. Its elasticity in both directions makes it fit perfectly. You need a comfortable shoe.

Advantages: Extremity seamless.

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  • Papel Ecológico Control de Calidad Producto Biodegradable Conformidad Europea Gel 100%

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