Hallux Valgus Pad

Hallux Valgus Pad Sanator Silicone Hallux Valgus Pad Sanator Silicone

Hallux Valgus Pad

Similar biomechanical properties to human skin. Distributes pressure and prevents friction on an inflamed or irritated bunion. Helps reduce swelling and scar formation after a dorsal or medical surgical incision to remove bone.

How to use: Insert the big toe into the hole, placing the protection of the bunion on his right way. The pad is held in place by an elastic band around the center of the foot.

Advantages: The product helps relieve pressure from shoes, friction and shear forces on the bunion and the metatarsal head. Very comfortable, soft and easy to install. Antiseptic and hypoallergenic. Very hygienic, easily washable.

  • Transpirable Recuperación Memoria Tecnológica Larga Duración Lavable
  • Papel Ecológico Control de Calidad Producto Biodegradable Conformidad Europea Gel 100%

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