Elastic cotton-covered heel cushion

Elastic cotton-covered heel cushiona

Elastic cotton-covered heel cushion

Thanks to their high viscosity, Sanator Silicone© covered heel cushions absorb the load borne by the feet, and moreover redistribute them uniformly over their surface. Especially recommended for lateral calcaneal spurs with acute pain. The ankle, hip and backbone are three of the points which benefit from their use. They also provide rapid relief to overloaded muscles and ligaments. As they are covered with elastic cotton fabric, they mould wonderfully to the biomechanical movements of the foot. These are the only cuchions on the market with this real feature.

How to use: Place the pieces inside the shoe in the heel.

Washing: Easily washable with warm water and soap. Wringing his hands and let dry.

Advantages: The biggest advantage is the elastic cotton covering and its medium hardness, which allows a perfect adaptation to the heel and biomechanical movements thereof, with greater protection of ram, unique in the market this lining. Very comfortable, soft and easy to install. Very hygienic, easily washable.

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