Heel spur protector with hole

Heel spur protector with hole Heel spur protector with hole

Heel spur protector with hole

Thanks to the viscoelastic properties of silicone, Sanator Silicone© Heel spur protector with hole absorb the loads borne by the feet, and moreover redistribute them uniformly over their surface. Especially recommended for calcaneal spurs with acute pain. The ankle, hip, and backbone are three of the points which benefit from their use. They also provide rapid relief to overloaded muscles and ligaments. (Should be lightly sprinkled with talc after each wash).

How to use: Place inside the shoe, at the heel. Remove the part which covers the hole either only for the foot with the spur, or for both feet if you have a spur.

Contraindications: Do not place the heel on one foot because an imbalance in the spine and can lead to serious health problems.

Advantages: Unlike similar items made from other materials, such as polyurethane gel, foam, etc., these products are firm and possess hundred percent memory recovery, making them ideal for those with severe heel spurs. Highly durable. Antiseptic, hypoallergenic. Very hygienic, easy to wash.

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