Foot Care

Basic Footcare

- Daily cleansing is very important, wash with plenty of soap and water .                                                             

- Dry your feet with the utmost care, especially in the spaces between your toes .                                                             

- When there is high sensitivity to yeast infections regularly applying products .                                                             

- Maintain good ventilation in the foot, especially in times of extreme heat .                                                             

- Always wear clean, dry socks, recomenamos materials like cotton or wool .                                                             

- Very important weight control to prevent fatigue problems, foot arch, fatigue and aspects related to diabetes .                                                             

- In footwear: soften the new shoes, the skin is very hard, before use .                                                             

- After removing the shoes, store in cool and ventilated                                                             

- Whenever you see any abnormality such as corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, warts (papillomas), etc, consult a podiatrist or specialized person .                                                             

- Avoid cutting nails done periodically .                                                             

- Avoid using synthetic footwear .                                                             

- Obtain specialist podiatrist or often, depending on your needs .

How to choose good footwear

- Keep in mind that too close a plant can cause blisters, corns and calluses to .                                                             

- The shoe should have a structure that wraps around the foot comfortably, this is critical to reduce the risk of sprains .                                                             

- When the material of the shoe is light and soft, it stays cool the internal environment of the foot and helps to eliminate moisture as it allows breathing comfortably, avoiding skin complications .                                                             

- Always wear clean, dry socks, recommended materials like cotton or wool .

A good wash

Wash with plenty of soap and water daily.

A good drying

Dry your feet well, especially between the toes.

Well ventilated

Ventilate your feet well, especially in hot weather. Same with your shoes after use.


Visit a specialist regularly to avoid problems.