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    Designed for sport

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  • Protective sheet

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    Ideal for chafing and as tibial protector for sport

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Masermin Products

  • Sanator Silicone
  • Sanator Silicone
  • Sanator Silicone
  • Sanator Silicone

Silicone Sanator © A brand with the aim of entering the pharmacy channel offering the highest quality products. Today we have four product ranges for the most common ailments of our feet, and early next year we will present a new range with more and new products.

All our products are in contact with human skin, which is why we use silicone and thanks paramedical clinical studies have shown that the silicone does not irritate the skin, is safe, without harmful contraindications and is not cytotoxic. Furthermore, the comfort on this basis is unique because of its large viscosity and adaptability to the foot shock absorption. Another item to note is our stretch cotton that after applying a treatment got further enhance the qualities of our products.